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Restaurants - Ohio

Here are links to some notable restaurants (past and present) found along Route 40.

IconBlaine Restaurant (closed) (Bridgeport, OH)
"Built ca. 1925. Now a private residence......."

Mehlman CafeteriaMehlman Cafeteria (Saint Clairsville, OH)

Mehlman CafeteriaMehlman Cafeteria and Motel (former site) (Saint Clairville, OH)

IconGasber's Fine Day Restaurant (Palmer's) (Saint Clairsville, OH)
"Built ca. 1925......."

Martine'sMartines (Saint Clairsville, OH)
"I have been unable to pinpoint where the restaurant was located......."

IconPick's Place (Jigg's Filling Station and Lunch Room) (Belmont, OH)

IconClub 40 (site) (40 Deli) (Belmont, OH)

IconFast Lane Cafe (Ramsay's Garage & Restaurant) (Belmont, OH)
"Built ca. 1910/1925......."

IconBlack Horse Inn (Horner House, Wright Hotel) (Morristown, OH)

Lodge Coffee Shop and MotelLodge Coffee Shop and Motel (site) (Cambridge, OH)
"According to John Taylor (n8fxl@clover.net), the original location of The Lodge was at the present location of the eastbound Route 40 to southbound I-......"

IconTrail Family Diner (Cambridge, OH)
"Nothing more than a fancy ice cream and pizza stand, but still a "diner."......"

IconAlfred's Steak House (site) (Chal's (site)) (Cambridge, OH)
"2 miles west of Cambridge. It may be that Alfred's was once known as Chal's, owned and operated by Charles and Al Aboud in the 1950s. Chal's burned ......"

IconAlfred's Steak House (site) (Chal's Restaurant) (Cambridge, OH)
"2 miles west of Cambridge. It may be that Alfred's was once known as Chal's, owned and operated by Charles and Al Aboud in the 1950s. Chal's burned ......"

IconBeverly Hills (site) (Al's) (Cambridge, OH)
"Located three miles west of St. Clairsville. Burned down in the late 1950s or early 1960s. A snack food warehouse is now at this site......."

IconDiary Duchess (New Concord, OH)

Denny'sDenny's Classic Diner (Zanesville, OH)
"Manufacturer: Starlite I have to salute Denny's for keeping the diner craze alive, but marvel at the lack of "diner awareness" by the people who work......"

IconEast End Cafe (Zanesville, OH)

IconRoute 40 Roadhouse (Crooked Valley Inn, Valley Inn) (Zanesville, OH)
"Built before 1945......."

National Trail Restaurent and Tourist CourtNational Trail Restaurent and Tourist Court (site) (Hebron, OH)

IconBig O's Diner (Hebron, OH)
"This place is listed in the phone book, but I couldn't locate it at all. May have gone out of business......."

Shamrock Motel and RestaurantShamrock Motel and Restaurant (Pataskala, OH)
"Built 1934. Now long term apartments. Many people think the restaurant was an early Howard Johnson's......."

Pam MotelPam Motel (site?) (Pam Drive In, Pam Dinette) (Etna, OH)
"The postcard says, '8 miles east of Columbus.' I am matching this description with the Ohio National Road Intrinsic Inventory for this location. I c......"

IconHorton's Restaurant (closed) (Reynoldsburg, OH)
"Built ca. 1920. Now a reatil business......."

IconOsteria Del Matto (site) (Reynoldsburg, OH)

IconWings Over Columbus/Eagle Pool Hall (Little Chef, Shelcore & Vileth) (Columbus, OH)
"Manufacturer: Valentine......"

IconCap City Diner (Gahanna, OH)
"The Cap City diners are a local chain and found throughout the Columbus metro area. This one is a mega diner in a very large upscale strip mall. I ste......"

IconEmil's Steer Inn (site) (Whitehall, OH)
"There is a Church's Fried Chicken restaurant at this location......."

IconGahana Grill (Gahanna, OH)

KahikiKahiki Supper Club (site) (Columbus, OH)
"The site of this restaurant is now a Walgreen's pharmacy......."

40 Winks MotelMotel One (40 Winks Motel and Restaurant) (Columbus, OH)
"The restaurant has been gone for some time......."

IconPotbelly's (Johnny Rockets) (Columbus, OH)
"Another diner chain riding the coattails of the retro/nostalgia craze. You have to admire any restaurant that names itself after flatulence. ;-)......"

IconWalt's 50's Diner (closed) (Westerville, OH)
"Good riddance! Walt's wanted to be a real diner in the worst way, but it had a long way to go. The decor was Spartan and 100% artificial retro. This ......"

IconRubino's Pizzeria (Columbus, OH)

IconChef Rick's (Westerville Grill, Hot Dog Joint) (Westerville, OH)
"This is the diner I frequent most. It's in the big city, but it has a small town feel. These guys are famous for their comfort foods. Vegetarian optio......"

IconGlass Bowl (site) (Bexley, OH)
"The site of this restaurant is now a strip mall......."

IconJohn's Soul Food Diner (site) (Little Chef, Wink's, Richard's Soul Food Diner) (Columbus, OH)
"Manufacturer: Valentine......"

IconGolden Donuts & Diner (Golden Diner) (Columbus, OH)

IconFitzy's Old Fashioned Diner (Columbus, OH)
"This strip mall diner proved to be a pleasant surprise. Despite the presence of kitschy Elvis and Marilyn Monroe photos, this place has the feel of an......"

Wendy'sWendy's No. 1 (closed) (Columbus, OH)
"On November 15, 1969, Dave Thomas opened the very first Wendy's in this former automobile dealership. By the way, those blue and white stripes on the......"

IconCircus Chef (closed?) (Little Chef) (Columbus, OH)
"Manufacturer: Valentine......"

Dan's Drive InDan's Drive In (Columbus, OH)

Flatiron DinerFlatiron Diner (Columbus, OH)

IconRoadhouse 66 (Worthington, OH)
"Run by Route 66 writer David Wickline......."

Johnny RocketsJohnny Rockets (site) (Columbus, OH)
"The mall where this restaurant had been located has been razed. Another diner chain riding the coattails of the retro/nostalgia craze. You have to ad......"

IconRube's Diner (Columbus, OH)

IconDiner (relocated) (Columbus, OH)
"This diner was moved to Delaware, Ohio, and now operates at Famous Jack's Diner (755 USHighway 23 North, Delaware, OH 43015, 740-369-6677)......."

IconBlack Olive (J&G Diner) (Columbus, OH)

Braddock's DinerBraddock's Diner (Frank's Diner) (Columbus, OH)

IconDalt's Classic America Diner (closed) (Worthington, OH)

IconSpaghetti Warehouse (Columbus, OH)
"Features a trolley car inside the restaurant. Located in the old Toledo & Ohio Central Railroad depot......."

IconMa and Pa's Restaurant and Motel (Columbus, OH)
"The location of this motel is a real puzzler. The street address places the motel near downtown Columbus. This would make sense since a postcard als......"

IconDalt's Classic America Diner (closed) (Worthington, OH)
"This place waqs pretty nice. Great food. Slow service. The decor looked like something out of a 1930s movie......."

Tommy's DinerTommy's Diner (Columbus, OH)

IconCap City Diner (Columbus, OH)
"The Cap City diners are a local chain and found throughout the Columbus metro area. This one is a mega diner in an upscale mall. I stepped inside one ......"

Johnny RocketsJohnny Rockets (Columbus, OH)
"Another diner chain riding the coattails of the retro/nostalgia craze. You have to admire any restaurant that names itself after flatulence. ;-)......"

IconChef-O-Nette Diner (Columbus, OH)

Schmeltzer's RestaurantSchmeltzer's Restaurant (site) (Columbus, OH)
"The site of this restaurant is now an office building......."

IconEverglades Italian And American Restaurant (site) (Columbus, OH)
"There is now an H. H. Gregg store at this location......."

Waffle HouseWaffle House (Columbus, OH)

McDonald'sMcDonald's (Columbus, OH)

W.G. GrindersW.G. Grinders (Columbus, OH)

Rooster'sRooster's Restaurant and Bar (Columbus, OH)

A&WA&W (Columbus, OH)

Arby'sArby's (Columbus, OH)

Pizza HutPizza Hut (closed) (Columbus, OH)
"Now a used car dealership......."

Tim Horton'sTim Horton's (Columbus, OH)

Joseppi's PizzaJoseppi's Pizza (Columbus, OH)

Frisch's Big BoyFrisch's Big Boy (site) (Columbus, OH)
"There is now a Walgreen's at this location......."

KFCKFC (Columbus, OH)

IconO'Toole's Irish Pub and Grill (Columbus, OH)

IconNew Fortune China (McDonald's) (Columbus, OH)

Wing StreetWing Street (Columbus, OH)
"A spinoff of Pizza Hut......."

Pizza HutPizza Hut (Columbus, OH)

Papa John'sPapa John's Pizza (Columbus, OH)

IconFood India (Jolly Pirates Donuts) (Columbus, OH)

IconDon Gino's Pizza (Columbus, OH)

Dairy QueenDairy Queen (Columbus, OH)
"Across the street from Burger King!......"

Burger KingBurger King (Columbus, OH)
"Across the street from Dairy Queen!......"

SubwaySubway (Columbus, OH)

Taco BellTaco Bell (Columbus, OH)

Wendy'sWendy's (Columbus, OH)

IconStarlight Diner (Hilliard, OH)
"Manufacturer: Built on site. Imagine a strip mall diner in Area 51. You got it......."

McDonald'sMcDonald's (West Jefferson, OH)

IconAnn and Tony's (West Jefferson, OH)

IconTodd's Pizza (West Jefferson, OH)

IconChina Wok (West Jefferson, OH)

SubwaySubway (West Jefferson, OH)

IconPat's Pizza and Pub (West Jefferson, OH)

IconCountry Table (West Jefferson, OH)

IconBambino's Pizza and Wings (West Jefferson, OH)

IconMike's Pizza (West Jefferson, OH)

Mustard Seed CafeMustard Seed Cafe (West Jefferson, OH)

SubwaySubway (West Jefferson, OH)

Flyers Pizza and SubsFlyers Pizza and Subs (West Jefferson, OH)

IconThe Ranch Motel and Resataurant (West Jefferson, OH)
"The restaurant appears to be closed......."

IconHenry's Restaurant (West Jefferson, OH)
"Built ca. 1948......."

Red Brick Tavern, ca. 1935Red Brick Tavern (Lafayette, OH)
"Built in 1837 by Stanley Watson......."

IconPizza Pause (South Charleston, OH)

IconIce Cream Stand (closed) (Harmony, OH)

IconEastwood American Grill and Tavern (Springfield, OH)

IconThe Meadows (Springfield, OH)

IconTownhouse Motor Lodge (Howard Johnson) (Springfield, OH)
"The Howard Johnson's restaurant remains, but it is closed......."

Cronley'sCronley's (Springfield, OH)
"I'm not sure where this was located......."

IconOwl Bar (Country Patch Restaurant) (Springfield, OH)
"Built ca. 1890......."

IconMom's Diner (Mom's Gatehouse Diner) (Dayton, OH)

Former Lighthouse DinerLighthouse Diner (site) (Joe and Marge's Diner) (Dayton, OH)
"Manufacturer: O'Mahoney 1940's. This diner had been in storage in Huber Heights for many years. It was moved to Cleveland where it underwent restora......"

IconLighthouse II Diner (Dayton, OH)

IconTrolley Stop (Dayton, OH)

IconTherapy Cafe (Wympee Drive-In) (Dayton, OH)
"Manufacturer: Built on site? There seems to be a lot of Valentine-type porcelain-enameled steel diner buildings here in Dayton as well a bit further ......"

White LotusWhite Lotus - Yummy Burger (White Tower) (Dayton, OH)
"Manufacturer: Built on site?......"

IconSmokin Bar-B-Que (White Tower) (Dayton, OH)
"Manufacturer: Built on site?......"

IconClub Vex (Diner on St. Clair, The Pearl) (Dayton, OH)
"Manufacturer: Mountain View #431 (1952)......"

EconoLodgeEconoLodge (Howard Johnson) (Dayton, OH)

IconUnknown Diner (site) (Dayton, OH)
"Manufacturer: Valentine According to the Kansas State Historical Society, a Valentine existed across from the Van Cleve Hotel......."

IconSpaghetti Warehouse (Dayton, OH)
"Features a trolley car inside the restaurant......."

Highway InnHighway Inn (Vandalia, OH)

Yendes Motel and RestaurantYendes Motel and Restaurant (site) (Vandalia, OH)
"There is now a shopping centered located where this motel formerly stood. For those who care!......"

IconUnknown Restaurant (Lewisburg, OH)

IconMidway Restaurant (Lewisburg, OH)

Hines Truck StopHines Truck Stop (abandoned) (Lewisburg, OH)

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