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Roadside Attractions

Roadside Attractions - Nevada

Here are links to some notable roadside attractions (past and present) found along Route 40.

Wendover WillWendover Will (West Wendover, NV)
"The Wendover Will sign was built in 1952 for the State Line Casino. The sign was named after the State Line's founder Bill Smith and was modeled afte......"

IconBella's Hacienda Ranch (Wells, NV)

IconDonna's Ranch (Wells, NV)

IconNo. 1 Geisha (Elko, NV)

IconMona Lisa's (Elko, NV)

IconInez's Dancing & Diddling (Elko, NV)

IconSue's Fantasy Club (Elko, NV)

IconMona's Ranch (Elko, NV)

IconWorld's Largest Polar Bear (Elko, NV)
"White King, a 12-foot tall, 2,000 pound polar bear is stuffed and on display inside the Commercial. Larger than life (or death) statues of White King ......"

Nevada Bank of CommerceNevada Bank of Commerce (Henderson Bank) (Elko, NV)
"Is now a professional office building......."

Elko Railroad StationRailroad Station (site) (Elko, NV)
"This location is now a parking lot......."

IconDovetail Ranch (Carlin, NV)

IconSharon's Brothel & Bar (Carlin, NV)

Donna's Battle Mountain RanchDonna's Battle Mountain Ranch (Battle Mountain, NV)

Looking north from the Lone Tree Mine, August 2007.Lone Tree Mine (Valmy, NV)
"Up until 2006, the Lone Tree Mine is one of the largest gold mining operations in North America. The mine and its processing have since ceased operat......"

Humboldt County CourthouseHumboldt County Courthouse (Winnemucca, NV)

IconVilla Joy (Winnemucca, NV)

IconWild West Saloon (Winnemucca, NV)

IconPussycat Ranch (Winnemucca, NV)

IconWorld's Largest Afghan (Winnemucca, NV)
"I'm still trying to pinpoint the location......."

IconWinners Casino (Winnemucca, NV)

Joss HouseJoss House (site) (Winnemucca, NV)
"At one time the Chinese population of Winnemucca was considerable. By the late 1800s, many of the former Chinese laborers from the construction of th......"

Rolling Mountain Thunder RanchRolling Mountain Thunder Ranch (Imlay, NV)

Naked Man Greets the DayNaked Man Greets the Day (Imlay, NV)
"Standing by the side of I-80 (and old Route 40), this roadside sculpture was created by Chief Rolling Mountain Thunder......."

Dad Lee'sDad Lee's (Oreana, NV)
"Desert rat 'Dad Lee' was as colorful a character as they ever got along old Route 40. In the 1920's and 1930's he ran this little roadside stand on th......"

Pershing County CourthousePershing County Courthouse (Lovelock, NV)

Icon40th Parallel (Lovelock, NV)
"Some people believe that U.S. Route 40 obtained its numerical designation because it approximated the 40th parallel lattitude line. This is incorrect......."

IconBlack Rock Desert/Burning Man (Gerlach, NV)

IconWild Horse Resort & Spa (Sparks, NV)

IconWorld Famous Brothel (Sparks, NV)

Mustang RanchMustang Ranch (site) (Sparks, NV)
"The Mustang Ranch began as a brothel consisting of four double-wide trailers. It was known as the Mustang Bridge Ranch and Valley of the Dolls. While ......"

IconOld Bridge Ranch (closed) (Sparks, NV)

ElvisElvis' Gun Collection (Sparks, NV)
"Come see three guns once owned by The King. Reportedly the gun Elvis used to shoot out his TV at the Las Vegas Hilton is in this collection......."

IconLast Chance Joe (Sparks, NV)
"Built in the 1950's, Joe is a 36 foot tall statue that greets visitors on the casino's Victorian Street entrance......."

IconGolden Rooster (Sparks, NV)
"While you're at the Nugget, be sure to visit the hotel lobby. There you will find the famous Golden Rooster on display. In 1958, casino owner Dick Gra......"

IconKing of Clubs (site) (Sparks, NV)
"Today, there is a parking lot at this location......."

IconPeppermill Inn and Casino (Reno, NV)

Harold's Club MuralHarold's Club Mural (Reno, NV)
"In 1949, Harold Smith erected a massive 80 foot by 40 foot mural outside his North Virginia Street casino. It depicted pioneers crossing the plains a......"

Center StreetGolden Bank Casino (Reno, NV)
"Opened in 1907. Closed in 1966. The site is now a parking lot......."

IconPark Wedding Chapel (site) (Reno, NV)
"Now an empty lot......."

Club Cal-NevaClub Cal-Neva (Reno, NV)

IconNational Bowling Stadium and Museum (Reno, NV)

IconNational Bowling Stadium (Reno, NV)

IconPalace Club (site) (Reno, NV)
"Opened in 1888. Closed in 1979. The site is now a parking lot......."

IconHeart of Reno Wedding Chapel (site) (Reno, NV)
"Now an empty lot......."

Virginia StreetFrontier Club (site) (Reno, NV)

Virginia StreetNevada Club (site) (Reno, NV)

Fort SmithHarold's Gun Museum (Fort Smith) (Reno, NV)
"Harold's Casino and Hotel housed on of the largest private collections of firearms. There were, at one time, over 3,000 guns in the collection. When......"

Harold'sHarold's (closed) (Reno, NV)
"Opened in 1935. Closed in 1995. The site is now a plaza for Harrah's Hotel......."

Silver Spur MotelSilver Spur Casino (closed) (Reno, NV)
"Opened in 1968. Closed in 1981. Now a liquor store......."

Horseshoe ClubHorseshoe Casino (closed) (Reno, NV)
"Opened in 1956. Is now a pawn shop......."

Reno ArchReno Arch (Reno, NV)
"The first arch across Virginia Avenue was erected in 1926 as part of the Transcontinental Highways Exposition. City leaders asked for suggestions for......"

Primadonna CasinoGolden Phoenix (Primadonna Casino) (Reno, NV)
"Opened in 1955......."

Riverboat CasinoRiverboat (closed) (Reno, NV)

Eddie's Fabulous FiftiesEddie's Fabulous Fifties (closed) (Money Tree) (Reno, NV)

University of Nevada, RenoUniversity of Nevada, Reno (Reno, NV)

Truckee River and Wingfield ParkWingfield Park (Reno, NV)

Idlewild ParkIdlewild Park (Reno, NV)

BoomtownBoomtown (Verdi, NV)

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