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Restaurants - Missouri

Here are links to some notable restaurants (past and present) found along Route 40.

Morgan Street BreweryMorgan Street Brewery (2nd Street Diner) (Saint Louis, MO)
"Manufacturer: Built on site (1980's)......"

Eat-Rite DinerEat-Rite Diner (Eat Right Diner) (Saint Louis, MO)
"Manufacturer: Built on site......"

Crown Candy KitchenCrown Candy Kitchen (Saint Louis, MO)
"Manufacturer: Built on site (1913) The Crown Candy Kitchen has been a St. Louis icon for almost 100 years......."

Super Sandwich ShopSuper Sandwich Shop (White Knight Diner) (Saint Louis, MO)
"This is the setting of the steamy diner flick White Palace......."

IconNemesis Diner (closed?) (Saint Louis, MO)

IconDiner's Delight (Saint Louis, MO)
"It ain't much to look at........."

IconCoronado Hotel (Apartments) (Saint Louis, MO)

Saum HotelSaum Apartments (Saum Hotel) (Saint Louis, MO)
"350 rooms......."

Niner DinerNiner Diner (closed) (Saint Louis, MO)
"Billed itself as "gay and lesbian dining at its best." Located next door to Magnolia's Bar......."

City DinerCity Diner (South City Diner) (Saint Louis, MO)
"Great food, great coffee. Lots of 50's kitsch......."

Ted Drewes Frozen Custard (Saint Louis, MO)

IconStepney's Soul Food Diner (Saint Louis, MO)

IconMattie's Diner & Proms (closed) (Saint Louis, MO)

Riverside DinerRiverside Diner (Saint Louis, MO)

IconRon's Broadway Diner (closed) (Saint Louis, MO)

Del Monico's DinerDel Monico's Diner (Saint Louis, MO)

IconIrv's Good Food (site) (Saint Louis, MO)
"Manufacturer: Built on site......"

IconCourtesy Sandwich Shop (closed) (Saint Louis, MO)
"Manufacturer: Built on site......"

Courtesy DinerCourtesy Diner (Saint Louis, MO)
"Manufacturer: Built on site......"

Uncle Bill'sUncle Bill's (Saint Louis, MO)
"Manufacturer: Built on site......"

Connelly's Goody-Goody DinerConnelly's Goody-Goody Diner (Saint Louis, MO)

Courtesy DinerCourtesy Diner (Saint Louis, MO)

IconParkmoor Restaurant (closed) (Saint Louis, MO)

Tiffany's DinerTiffany's Diner (Morgan's Diner) (Saint Louis, MO)

IconFlorissant City Diner (Florrisant, MO)

Carl's Drive InCarl's Drive-In (Saint Louis, MO)

IconTJ Diner (Sappington, MO)

Olivette DinerOlivette Diner (Olivette, MO)

IconJukebox Diner (Saint Louis, MO)

IconLady Di's Diner (Saint Charles, MO)

IconNoah's Ark (site) (Saint Charles, MO)
"Built by David Flavan in 1967. Razed in August 2007......."

Silver Moon CourtSilver Moon Court (closed?) (O'Fallon, MO)

IconDenny's Classic Diner (site) (O'Fallon, MO)
"Manufacturer: Valiant/Starlite According to the Denny's web site this diner is no longer in business......."

Lay's Café and CottagesLay's Motor Lodge (site) (Lay's Café and Cottages) (Kingdom City, MO)
"36 units......."

63 Diner63 Diner (Columbia, MO)
"Manufacturer: Valentine (1962)......"

Harpo'sHarpo's (Columbia, MO)

Broadway DinerBroadway Diner (Fran's Diner) (Columbia, MO)
"Manufacturer: Valentine #2465 & #2466 (1963) Going strong since 1949! The Broadway Diner has operated in a number of locations in the Columbia area......"

IconWigwam Restaurant (site) (Columbia, MO)

IconGuy's Diner (closed) (Columbia, MO)
"Manufacturer: Valentine? Began by Guy Lee Wright. May be the same as the 63 Diner......."

Mugs-Up Root Beer StandMugs-Up Root Beer Stand (Mugs-Up Drive In) (Columbia, MO)
"Manufacturer: Valentine......"

IconCandlelight Lodge (Sinclair Pennant Hotel) (Columbia, MO)
"This hotel is now an assisted living center......."

IconPete's Cafe (second location) (closed) (Rocheport, MO)
"Of all of the restaurants along Route 40, Pete's was a legend. Founded by Pete Christus, this venerable eatery (originally located at 314 Main Street......"

Pete's CafePete's Cafe (original location) (closed) (Boonville, MO)
"Of all of the restaurants along Route 40, Pete's was legend. Founded by Pete Christus, this venerable eatery did well as a result of clever advertisi......"

Beck's Bakery ShopBeck's Bakery Shop (site) (Boonville, MO)
"Built ca. 1865......."

IconWindmill Diner (closed) (Concordia, MO)

IconRoxy's Diner (Blue Springs, MO)
"Manufacturer: Built on site (1994)......"

IconRuby's Diner (Independence, MO)

IconStephenson's Apple Farm Restaurant (closed) (Kansas City, MO)

Rob's CafeRob's Cafe (Debby's Diner) (Blue Springs, MO)

IconRoxy's Diner (Independence, MO)

IconFun House Pizza and Pub (Independence, MO)

IconBlue Rooster (site?) (Kansas City, MO)

Trolley Drive InTrolley Drive-In (Independence, MO)

IconTed's (Monica's Diner) (Independence, MO)

IconV's Restaurant (Independence, MO)

IconMel's Diner (Kansas City, MO)

IconLutfi's Fried Fish (K C Fat City Soul Food Diner) (Kansas City, MO)

IconJim's Diner(site) (Kansas City, MO)
"Now an empty lot......."

IconSammy's Lunch (closed) (Kansas City, MO)
"Manufacturer: Built on site......"

IconLucille's Diner (closed) (Kansas City, MO)
"Manufacturer: Mountain View (1980's)......"

IconLa Salle's Italian Villa (site) (Kansas City, MO)
"There's a multi-storied parking garage on the former site......."

IconPullman Lunch Car (site) (Kansas City, MO)

City DinerKansas City Diner (Kansas City, MO)

Dixon InnDixon Hotel (site) (Hotel Sexton) (Kansas City, MO)
"250 rooms......."

Hotel New YorkerHotel New Yorker (Kansas City, MO)

IconEddy's (site) (Kansas City, MO)

IconTerrace Grill (in the Hotel Muehlebach) (Kansas City, MO)

IconNew Cafe Tandoor (Sidney's Diner) (Kansas City, MO)

Deb's DinerDeb's Diner (Riverside, MO)

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