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Taverns and Bars - Ohio

Here are links to some notable taverns (past and present) found along Route 40.

IconBuckeye Lounge (closed) (Bridgeport, OH)
"Built ca. 1925......."

IconLentz Tavern (closed) (Brick House Tavern, The Tavern Stand) (Saint Clairsville, OH)
"Built ca. 1830. Owned and restored by the Ohio University......."

IconPenn's Tavern (closed) (Middlebourne, OH)
"Built ca. 1842. Private residence......."

Locust LodgeLocust Lodge (site) (Hayes Tavern) (Middlebourne, OH)

IconBeymer Tavern & Blacksmith Shop (closed) (Old Washington, OH)
"Built ca. 1805......."

IconOld Biddy Baxter Saloon (Old Washington, OH)

Hyde Hill Tavern.Shaw Tavern (closed) (Hyde Hill Tavern) (Cambridge, OH)
"Built ca. 1825. Now a private residence......."

IconWhite Swan Tavern (closed) (Zanesville, OH)
"Built ca. 1820. Now a private residence......."

IconNational Road Tavern (ruins) (Zanesville, OH)
"Built ca. 1850. Razed. Now an empty lot......."

IconNational Road Tavern (closed) (Zanesville, OH)
"Built ca. 1825. Now abandonned......."

Tavener-Sears TavernTavener-Sears Tavern (closed) (Mount Sterling, OH)
"Built ca. 1841. Now a private residence......."

IconBalthis Inn (closed) (Old Coach Inn) (Brownsville, OH)
"Built ca. 1826. Operated by Jimmy Balthis. Known for its stoneware......."

IconJack Town Pub (Jacksontown, OH)
"Built before 1860. Still in business!......"

IconSilent Woman Bar (Whitehall, OH)
"A notorious bar famous for its sign that features a headless woman......."

Rooster'sRooster's Restaurant and Bar (Columbus, OH)

IconO'Toole's Irish Pub and Grill (Columbus, OH)

IconNeon Moon Saloon (Columbus, OH)

IconPat's Pizza and Pub (West Jefferson, OH)

Red Brick Tavern, ca. 1935Red Brick Tavern (Lafayette, OH)
"Built in 1837 by Stanley Watson......."

IconMassie-Olinger Tavbern (closed) (Brighton, OH)
"Built ca. 1840. Now a private residence......."

IconBuena Vista Motel (Hollyhock Lodge) (South Vienna, OH)
"Built in 1836 as an tavern and inn......."

IconHistoric Buena Vista Motel (Buena Vista Tavern) (South Vienna, OH)
"Built ca. 1835 by George Jones. Operated as a National Road tavern until 1868. Also an antiques dealership......."

IconNewlove and Black Tavern (closed) (Harmony, OH)
"Built ca. 1840. Now a private residence......."

IconJeremiah Warder Tavern (closed) (Springfield, OH)
"Built ca. 1835. Now a sporting goods store......."

IconG.Z. Pete's (O'Malley's Tavern, Ace Tavern, Old Town Tavern) (Springfield, OH)
"19th century National Road tavern......."

IconOwl Bar (Country Patch Restaurant) (Springfield, OH)
"Built ca. 1890......."

Pennsylvania HousePennsylvania House (Springfield, OH)
"Built ca. 1820. Home to a museum run by the Daughters of the American Revolution......."

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