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Historic Sites - Indiana

Here are links to some notable historc sites found along Route 40.

Hicksite Friends Meetinghouse/Wayne County Historical MuseumHicksite Friends Meetinghouse/Wayne County Historical Museum (Richmond, IN)
"Built in 1865. This former Quaker Meeting House is now home to the Wayne County Historical Museum......."

IconWayne County Museum/Friends Museum (Richmond, IN)

Gennett RecordsGennett Records (site) (Richmond, IN)
"Gennett Records began in October, 19171, in Richmond, Indiana, by the Starr Piano Company. The record company was a Mecca for jazz musicians and over ......"

Thomas Harrison HouseThomas Harrison House (site) (Richmond, IN)
"Built in 1885. This location is now an apartment building......."

Greenville Treaty Line Marker at Greenville, OhioGreenville Treaty Line (Richmond, IN)
"The Treaty of Greenville signed on August 3, 1795, by General Mad Anthony Wayne and leaders of many regional Native American peoples, established a bo......"

Mansion HouseMansion House (Centerville, IN)
"Built in 1840. Now the home of Historic Centerville......."

IconSalisbury Courthouse (Centerville, IN)
"This log cabin, constructed in 1811, is the oldest surviving courthouse from the original Northwest Territory. It stood in the county seat of Salisbu......"

Lantz HouseLantz House (Centerville, IN)
"Built ca. 1830......."

Jacob Julian HouseJacob Julian House (Centerville, IN)
"Built in 1847. Former home of Governor Oliver P. Morton......."

IconOverbeck House (Cambridge City, IN)

Benjamin Conklin HouseBenjamin Conklin House (Cambridge City, IN)
"Built in 1840......."

Vinton HouseVinton House (Cambridge City, IN)

Huddleston House TavernHuddleston House Tavern (Cambridge City, IN)
"Built in 1839 by John Huddleston. Served as a residence for the Huddleston family and also as an inn......."

IconSoldiers and Sailors Monument (Indianapolis, IN)

IconUnion Station (Indianapolis, IN)

IconPaul Dresser Birthplace (Terre Haute, IN)

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