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Diners - Maryland

Here are links to some notable diners (past and present) found along Route 40. Click here to learn how I define the word diner. Click here for the other guidelines I use for including businesses on this site. Enjoy!

IconUnknown Diner (closed) (Elkton, MD)
"Manufacturer: Fodero (1964) No longer a diner. It now serves as an office for a playground equipment company. Before that, it was an State Farm Insu......"

IconMichael's Family Restaurant - Rose's Diner (repurposed) (Elkton, MD)
"Manufacturer: Silk City (1958) Owned and run by Rose McNabb in the 1940s or 1950s. After Rose died, her husband renamed the place Michael's Family R......"

IconElkton Diner (site) (Elkton, MD)
"Manufacturer: 1950's At one time there was a business called the Elkton Diner that operated out of a traditonal diner structure......."

Elkton DinerElkton Diner (Elkton, MD)
"This diner opened in 1997 and is the latest incarnation of a business with the name Elkton Diner. Unlike the original restaurant, this diner is not h......"

Brady's Bridge DinerBrady's Bridge Diner (Havre de Grace, MD)
"Manufacturer: Silk City (1930's)......"

IconLighthouse Diner (Havre de Grace, MD)

IconDianne's Family Diner (Duck's Place, Marge's Diner) (Havre de Grace, MD)

IconAberdeen Diner (Aberdeen, MD)

IconNew Ideal Diner (Aberdeen, MD)
"Manufacturer: O'Mahony #2206 (1952) Since 1931, at least four different diners have been used at this site. This is a smoke-free diner! Here are a fe......"

IconMayflower Restaurant and Cottages (site) (Aberdeen, MD)
"At one time this restaurant was known as the Colonial Inne. I think this restaurant is now Hinder's Lincoln Mercury......."

IconSilver Star Diner (Aberdeen, MD)

IconAberdeen Eagle Diner (Cloverleaf Diner) (Aberdeen, MD)
"Manufacturer: O'Mahoney (1950's); Kullman (1954)......"

IconBackyard Grill (Family Diner, Roayl Cup Diner) (Aberdeen, MD)

IconEdgewood Diner (Edgewood, MD)
"This diner disappeared in the 1970s......."

IconBonnie Brae Diner (site) (Edgewood, MD)
"Manufacturer: Kullman (1930's) Although the restaurant service is long gone, the Bonnie Brae Diner is a famous historical landmark where events led t......"

IconMagnolia Diner (closed) (Joppa, MD)
"Manufacturer: Mountain View (1952) This diner has been on this site since the golden age of automobiling. "Yeah, this was a hoppin' place back then,"......"

Double T DinerDouble T Diner - White Marsh (White Marsh, MD)
"Manufacturers: Kullman & DeRaffele (1997) Thomas Doxanas and his partner Tony opened the first Double T Diner opened in 1959 in Catonsville at the in......"

IconPegasus Diner (Essex, MD)

Silver Moon DinerSilver Moon Diner (Baltimore, MD)

IconEssex Diner (site) (Essex, MD)
"Manufacturer: Kullman (1998) There is another diner with the same name. Click here to see that diner......."

IconVenus Diner (closed) (Pizza Hut) (Essex, MD)
"This place looks like it is a fomer Pizza Hut. It is now a florist's shop......."

Double T DinerDouble T Diner - Perry Hall (Baltimore, MD)
"Thomas Doxanas and his partner Tony opened the first Double T Diner opened in 1959 in Catonsville at the intersection of Route 40 and Rolling Road. T......"

IconEssex Diner (Mr. D's Diner, Starlight Diner) (Essex, MD)
"Manufacturer: Valiant/Starlite (1993)......"

IconNorthpoint Diner (Baltimore, MD)

IconTony's Diner (Rosedale, MD)

Happy Day DinerHappy Day Diner (Rosedale, MD)
"Manufacturer: DeRaffele (1959/1991) This diner was once one of the Double T Diner empire in the Baltimore area. It ran under that name for a while, b......"

Boulevard DinerBoulevard Diner (Dundalk, MD)

IconOverlea Diner (Baltimore, MD)
"Manufacturer: Musi (1992) Located just inside the city line on Route 1. For you non-Baltimoreans, you'll never find this place if you ask for directi......"

Little TavernLittle Tavern (site) (Baltimore, MD)
"This was the very last Little Tavern to stay in business. It opened in 1983 and closed in 2008. This building was razed to build a new highway......."

Advertisement for the Dixie DinerDixie Diner (site) (Baltimore, MD)
"The site of this old diner is now a liquor store......."

Jim's DinerJim's Diner (Baltimore, MD)

IconCookie's City Line Diner (Baltimore, MD)

Bel-Loc DinerBel-Loc Diner (Towson, MD)

Little TavernLittle Tavern (site) (Baltimore, MD)
"Built in 1931......."

Little TavernCorn Beef Factory (Little Tavern, Dean's) (Baltimore, MD)
"This LT was not housed in the classic miniature chalet......."

IconTony's Diner (Baltimore, MD)

Sip and BiteSip and Bite (Baltimore, MD)

IconPete's Diner (Baltimore, MD)
"I'm not sure if this diner is still around......."

Jimmy'sJimmy's (Baltimore, MD)

IconGolden Wok (Fells Point Diner) (Baltimore, MD)
"The Golden Wok was once the Fells Point Diner. No, this is not the diner from Barry Levinson's Diner. It is, however, where some people think the mo......"

Oriole Tower Drive-InOriole Tower Drive-In (site) (Baltimore, MD)

IconSilver Diner (closed) (Towson, MD)

IconSilver Star Restaurant (V & E's Cafe) (Baltimore, MD)

IconTowson Diner (Towson, MD)

Little TavernPizza Deal (Little Tavern) (Baltimore, MD)
"Former Little Tavern......."

Stone TavernStone Tavern (Little Tavern) (Baltimore, MD)
"Former Little Tavern......."

Lemoyne DinerLemoyne Diner (Baltimore, MD)
"Manufacturer: O'Mahoney #1104 (1939) In 1940, when Stanley Viguers set up a diner at the Bottleneck (271 Market Street) in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania, it ......"

Pete's GrillePete's Grille (Baltimore, MD)

Little TavernSea Blue (Little Tavern, Kentucky Fried Chicken) (Baltimore, MD)
"Former Little Tavern......."

Hollywood DinerHollywood Diner (Kids Diner, Westbury Grill) (Baltimore, MD)
"Manufacturer: Mountain View #326 (1954) Originally located in Westbury, New York, as the Westbury Grill, this diner is the one featured in Barry Levi......"

Johnny RocketsJohnny Rockets (Baltimore, MD)
"Another diner chain riding the coattails of the retro/nostalgia craze. You have to admire any restaurant that names itself after flatulence. ;-)......"

IconTamber's Nifty Fifties Diner (Baltimore, MD)
"I'ver never dined here, but I've been told Tamber's is expensive but carries on the fine Baltimore tradition of rude waitresses. In the shadow of the ......"

Little TavernPark Avenue Grill (Little Tavern, Lighthouse Pub) (Baltimore, MD)
"Former Little Tavern......."

Paper Moon DinerPaper Moon Diner (Baltimore, MD)
"A really off the wall diner in the shadows of The Johns Hopkins University. The diner is chock full of Pez dispensers, naked dolls, mannequins and pin......"

IconCharm City Diner (Baltimore, MD)
"Manufacturer: Paramount (1990's)......"

IconRoland Restaurant (Baltimore, MD)

Cafe HonCafe Hon (Baltimore, MD)
"Having grown up in Baltimore, it seemed as if every waitress in every restaurant called their customers "hon" -- short for honey. A few years back, so......"

White TowerAndy's (closed) (White Tower) (Baltimore, MD)
"The last reports were that this restaurant was closed and boarded up......."

IconCarryout Restaurant (Little Tavern) (Baltimore, MD)
"Someone reported that there was a former Little Tavern at this location. I've searched the neighborhood and have been unable to find any traces of th......"

IconBourbon House BBQ (State Diner) (Baltimore, MD)

IconUnknown Diner (Halethorpe, MD)
"When I lived in Baltimore, I remember a chrome diner perched high above exit 10 on the Baltimore beltway. During recent visits, I noticed this pricele......"

Little TavernLittle Tavern (site) (Baltimore, MD)
"Gone, but not forgotten......."

IconHilltop Inn (Hilltop Diner) (Baltimore, MD)
"The Hilltop Diner was the real life inspiration for the Barry Levinson movie Diner. For a while the old diner was a liquor store......."

Double T DinerDouble T Diner - Catonsville (Catonsville, MD)
"Thomas Doxanas and his partner Tony opened the first Double T Diner opened in 1959 in Catonsville at the intersection of Route 40 and Rolling Road. T......"

IconNew Towne Diner (Owings Mills, MD)

IconForest Diner (Ellicott City, MD)
"Manufacturer:Silk City #5076 (1950)......"

Double T DinerDouble T Diner - Ellicott City (Ellicott City, MD)
"Thomas Doxanas and his partner Tony opened the first Double T Diner opened in 1959 in Catonsville at the intersection of Route 40 and Rolling Road. T......"

IconEagle Diner (closed) (New Market, MD)
"I'm not sure what the story is with this diner. The address is for a residential neighborhood......."

Double T DinerDouble T Diner - Frederick (Key City Diner) (Frederick, MD)
"Manufacturer: Kullman 1998 Thomas Doxanas and his partner Tony opened the first Double T Diner opened in 1959 in Catonsville at the intersection of R......"

IconLucky Corner (Frederick Diner) (Frederick, MD)

IconTajitu Restaurant (Snow White Grill) (Frederick, MD)

IconSnow White Grill (closed) (Frederick, MD)

IconMountain View Diner (Frederick, MD)
"Manufacturer: Mountain View?......"

IconView Street Diner (closed) (Hagerstown, MD)

IconSnow White Grill (closed) (Hagerstown, MD)
"This old eatery is now a storefront church......."

IconProspect Diner (closed) (Hagerstown, MD)

IconWest End Pub (Richard's Diner) (Hagerstown, MD)

IconPenny's Diner (closed?) (LaVale, MD)
"Manufacturers: Swingle (1950's) and Starlite #M4472 (1997)......"

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