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Restaurants - Nevada

Here are links to some notable restaurants (past and present) found along Route 40.

State Line CasinoWendover Nugget Hotel & Casino (State Line Hotel & Casino) (West Wendover, NV)

Oasis Cafe and HotelOasis Cafe and Hotel (closed) (Oasis, NV)
"This one stop shop had it all. You could buy gas, supplies, eat a meal and even spend the night! I had the good fortune to be able to experience the......"

El Rancho HotelEl Rancho Hotel (ruins) (Wells, NV)
"This gem was destroyed in a devastating earthquake on February 21, 2008......."

Trail 40 CafeTrail 40 Cafe (ruins) (Wells, NV)
"This restaurant was destroyed by an earthquake on February 21, 2008......."

Wagon Wheel Motel, Cafe and CasinoWagon Wheel Motel, Cafe and Casino (Wells, NV)
"The cafe, lounge and casino are gone. Only the motel remains......."

Stockmen's HotelStockmen's Hotel & Restaurant (Elko, NV)
"100 rooms......."

Carl's CafeCarl's Cafe (Elko, NV)
"Carl's was also a Greyhound bus depot......."

IconBrand Room (Elko, NV)

IconGrant's Cafe (site) (Elko, NV)
"The Thunderbird Motel now stands at this site......."

IconSlim Olson's Gas Station and Cafe (site) (Elko, NV)
"Olson ran this gas station and cafe at a location one mile west of Elko. There is an abandoned restaurant at this location. It could at one time hav......"

State Inn CasinoPeacock State Inn (State Inn) (Carlin, NV)

Owl ClubOwl Club Motel and Restaurant (Battle Mountain, NV)
"This small town motel, restaurant and casino has been operating for over 100 years. The food is very inexpensive, but when I ate here in 2007, the se......"

IconDonna's Diner (closed) (Battle Mountain, NV)
""Real home cooking in an old-fashioned friendly atmosphere. We offer the biggest menu in town (59 burgers, 20 omelets) and make all our own pies, scon......"

Hotel HumboldtHotel Humboldt (site) (Winnemucca, NV)
"100 rooms. There is now a retail shopping strip at this site......."

Farris HotelFarris Hotel (site) (Winnemucca, NV)

IconOverland Hotel (Winnemucca, NV)

Star HotelStar Hotel (site) (Winnemucca, NV)

IconJoe Mackie's Star Broiler (site) (Winnemucca, NV)
"Has been replaced by the Winners Casino......."

IconRed Bull Chuck Wagon Restaurant (site) (Winnemucca, NV)
"Has been replaced by the Winners Casino......."

The GriddleThe Griddle (Winnemucca, NV)

Ponderosa MotelWinnemucca Inn and Casino (Ponderosa Motel) (Winnemucca, NV)

Flying Pig Bar-B-QFlying Pig Bar-B-Q (Winnemucca, NV)

Dad Lee'sDad Lee's (Oreana, NV)
"Desert rat 'Dad Lee' was as colorful a character as they ever got along old Route 40. In the 1920's and 1930's he ran this little roadside stand on th......"

Sturgeon's Log Cabin MotelSturgeon's Log Cabin Motel and Cafe (Lovelock, NV)

Sun CafeSun Cafe (Lovelock, NV)

IconSun Café (closed) (Windmill Lounge) (Lovelock, NV)

Hot Springs StationSpringer's Hot Springs Station (site) (Hot Springs, NV)
"All that remains of this roadside oasis is a swimmning pool......"

Painted Rock WadodaPainted Rock Wadoda (site) (Wadsworth, NV)
"The construction of I-80 has completely erased all evidence of this restaurant/gas station......."

IconBlack Bear Diner (Sparks, NV)

Trader Dick'sTrader Dick's (closed) (Sparks, NV)
"Now part of the Nugget Casino......."

IconLandrum's Cafe (Sparks, NV)
"Manufacturer: Valentine (1980's)......"

Johnny Rocket'sJohnny Rockets (Reno, NV)

IconSouthside Cafe (Landrum's) (Reno, NV)
"Manufacturer: Built on site......"

Joe's DinerJoe's Diner (Blue Star Cafe, 5 & Diner) (Reno, NV)
"Manufacturer: Pedco (1993)......"

IconSzechuan Diner (Reno, NV)

IconHong Kong Diner (China Diner South) (Reno, NV)

IconEugene's (site) (Reno, NV)
"Now a parking lot for the Peppermill Hotel and Casino......."

Pat's New York Hot Dogs/Landrum'sPat's New York Hot Dogs (Landrum's Cafe, Chilli Cheez Cafe) (Reno, NV)
"Manufacturer: Valentine (1947) Before it became the Chilli Cheez, this building used to be Landrum's Cafe. It was a Reno cultural landmark and was pl......"

IconPaul Revere's Kicks Diner (Big City Stadium Diner) (Reno, NV)

Mapes HotelMapes Hotel (site) (Reno, NV)
"The Mapes Hotel and casino was built by the Mapes family in 1947. When this hotel opened, it was the first skyscraper built in the western United Sta......"

Ground CowGround Cow (closed) (Reno, NV)
"Now a liquor store......."

Nugget CasinoSahara Hotel (Nugget Hotel) (Reno, NV)

IconComstock Hotel (Reno, NV)

China DinerChina Diner (Reno, NV)

IconTonic Lounge (Asian Diner) (Reno, NV)

Hotel El CortezHotel El Cortez (Reno, NV)

IconOriginal Mel's Diner (Reno, NV)

Pneumatic DinerPneumatic Diner (Reno, NV)
"The menu includes many vegetarian options at this diner!......"

IconCrest Inn (Tropics Inn) (Reno, NV)
"Only the restaurant remains......."

IconGold and Silver Inn (Reno, NV)

IconDiner (Reno, NV)

BoomtownBoomtown (Verdi, NV)

Holliday'sHolliday's (NV)

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