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Hotels - Maryland

Here are links to some notable hotels (past and present) found along Route 40.

IconHoward Hotel (closed) (Elkton, MD)

Rodgers TavernRodgers Tavern (Stevenson's Tavern) (Perryville, MD)
"Now a community museum. From the Maryland Historical Trust: Rodgers Tavern is a mid-18th century, two-story stone structure. The south facade is lai......"

IconHotel Bayou (Havre de Grace, MD)
"60 room. Built in 1921. Converted to condominiums......."

1917 ad for Hecht's HotelHecht's Hotel (closed) (Havre de Grace, MD)
"Built ca. 1890......."

IconWhite Swan Hotel (closed) (Aberdeen, MD)

IconBata Hotel (site) (Belcamp, MD)
"This hotel was razed in 2004......."

IconPennsylvania Hotel (site) (Baltimore, MD)
"Run by a A. Smyser......."

IconTammany Hall Hotel (site) (Baltimore, MD)
"Run by E.R. Sinners......."

IconExchange Coffee House and Hotel (site) (Baltimore, MD)
"Run by M. Jamart......."

Advertisement for the Hotel LexingtonHotel Lexington (site) (Baltimore, MD)
"Originally, this hotel had for floors. Two floors were added later......."

Advertisement for the Hotel RaleighHotel Raleigh (site) (Baltimore, MD)

IconCoffee House Hotel (site) (Baltimore, MD)
"Run by S. Baker......."

Advertisement for the Club HotelClub Hotel (site) (Baltimore, MD)
"Razed. Now a parking lot......."

IconCity Hotel (site) (Baltimore, MD)
"Rzaed. Now a parking lot......."

Emerson HotelEmerson Hotel (site) (Baltimore, MD)
"Built in 1911. Razed in 1971......."

IconBarnum's Inn (site) (Baltimore, MD)

IconSouthern Hotel (site) (Baltimore, MD)

IconMount Royal Hotel (closed) (Baltimore, MD)
"Now an apartment building and professional offices......."

IconCarrolton Hotel (site) (Baltimore, MD)
"Burned down in the 1904 fire......."

IconOld Fountain Inn Hotel (site) (Baltimore, MD)
"Run by Mr. Beltzhoover. One time owned by David Grant, who would later found Grantsville in western Maryland......."

Icon1001 Hotel (closed) (Baltimore, MD)
"Now condominiums......."

IconPratt Street Hotel (site) (Baltimore, MD)
"Run by John Bradshaw......."

IconHotel Rocheambeau (site) (Baltimore, MD)

IconSt. James Hotel (site) (Baltimore, MD)

1917 ad for the Hotel BelvedereBelvedere Hotel (closed) (Baltimore, MD)
"This grand hotel is now an apartment building......."

1917 ad for the Stafford HotelStafford Hotel (Baltimore, MD)
"Now an apartment building......."

IconCharles Hotel (site) (Baltimore, MD)
"Razed during the construction of the Jones Falls Expressway (I-83)......."

IconIndian Queen Hotel (site) (India Queen Hotel) (Baltimore, MD)
"Run by R. Newcomb. The now closed Mechanic Theatre is on this site......."

IconCaswell Hotel (site) (Baltimore, MD)
"The Lord Baltimore Hotel is now on this site......."

Lord Baltimore HotelLord Baltimore Hotel (Radission Plaza Lord Baltimore) (Baltimore, MD)
"Opened in 1928. 22 stories......."

IconMayfair Hotel (site) (Baltimore, MD)

Hotel RennertHotel Rennert (site) (Baltimore, MD)

IconHotel Rennert (site) (Baltimore, MD)
"Opened in 1885. Closed in 1941......."

IconAlbion Hotel (closed) (Baltimore, MD)
"Now an apartment building and professional offices. On a personal note, I once went to a dentist who practiced in this building......."

IconPeacock Hotel (site) (Baltimore, MD)
"Run by a Mr. Peacock......."

IconWheat Sheaf Hotel (site) (Baltimore, MD)
"Run by a Mr. Hussey......."

IconGlobe Inn (site) (Baltimore, MD)
"Run by J.R. Thomas and later by J.W. Owings......."

IconHotel Joyce (site) (New Joyce Hotel) (Baltimore, MD)

IconWestern Hotel (site) (Baltimore, MD)
"Run by J.A. McCreary......."

IconNew Howard Hotel (closed) (Baltimore, MD)
"Now an apartment building......."

Hotel KernanHotel Kernan (Congress Hotel) (Baltimore, MD)
"Now an apartment building......."

IconUnknown Hotel (site) (Baltimore, MD)
"Run by a Mr. Hussey......."

Advertisement for Hotel HermannHotel Hermann and Baltimore Oyster Bar (site) (Baltimore, MD)
"This location now has an office building......."

Advertisement for the Imperial Stag HotelImperial Stag Hotel (site) (Baltimore, MD)

IconJames Brown Hotel (closed) (Baltimore, MD)
"Built in 1960. The famed soul singer bought it in 1970 and named it after himself. In recent years it was a nursing home (which closed in 2012)......."

IconBaltimore Biltmore Hotel and Biltmore Lounge (site) (Baltimore, MD)
"Was razed and a new hotel was built on this site......."

IconHotel Altamont (site) (Baltimore, MD)

Howard Johnson's Hotel and RestaurantDays Inn (Howard Johnson's Hotel and Restaurant) (Baltimore, MD)
"The trademark HoJo carport remains, but the restaurant and pool are long gone. My family ate at the restaurant here quite often, including one Easter......"

Ulm HotelUlm Hotel (closed) (New Market, MD)
"Now a restaurant......."

1917 ad for the New City HotelNew City Hotel (Frederick, MD)

IconFrancis Scott Key Hotel (Apartments) (Frederick, MD)

IconInn Boonsboro (The Eagle, Chambers Hotel, Commercial Hotel, Boone Hotel) (Boonsboro, MD)
"Originally built in 1790 by Peter Conn as a hotel. Bought by writer Nora Roberts and her husband Bruce Wilder who rennovated the old inn with literar......"

Slifer's TavernSlifer's Tavern (closed) (U.S. Hotel) (Boonsboro, MD)
"Built ca. 1811 by Ezra Slifer. Believed to be the first brick building in Boonsboro. From Searight's The Old Pike (1894): The Slifer Brothers kept ......"

IconColonial Hotel (closed?) (Hagerstown, MD)

Hamilton HotelHotel Hamilton (closed) (Hagerstown, MD)

1917 ad for the Dagmar HotelDagmar Hotel (Hagerstown, MD)

1917 ad for the New Monterey HotelNew Monterey Hotel (Hancock, MD)
"Now an apartment building......."

IconHancock Hotel (site) (Hancock, MD)

Flintstone HotelFlintstone Hotel (closed) (Piper's Tavern, Piper Hotel) (Flintstone, MD)
"From Searight's The Old Pike (1894): John Piper was an old tavern keeper at Flintstone. His house was a favorite summer resort, and also enjoyed the ......"

Queen City HotelQueen City Hotel (site) (Cumberland, MD)
"Built in 1871. Razed in 1971......."

IconYMCA Hotel (Cumberland, MD)
"Still a YMCA, but no longer a hotel......."

1917 ad for the Windsor HotelWindsor Hotel (site) (Barnum House) (Cumberland, MD)

IconBelvedere Hotel (closed) (YMCA Hotel) (Cumberland, MD)

1917 ad for the Fort Cumberland HotelFort Cumberland Hotel (Cumberland, MD)
"Built in 1916......."

John Kennedy Lacock Photograph from Robert Bruce's <i>The National Road</i>: Close view of the Clarysville Hotel, as it stands today on the Old Pike, about nine miles west of Cumberland.Clarysville Hotel (site) (Clarysville Inn) (Clarysville, MD)
"This historic inn served as an army hospital during the Civil War. The inn burned to the ground March 10, 1999. From the Maryland Historical Trust (......"

1917 ad for the Gladstone HotelFailinger's Gunter Hotel (Gladstone Hotel) (Frostburg, MD)

Victoria HotelVictoria Hotel (closed) (Grantsville, MD)

1917 ad for the National HotelNational Hotel (site) (Grantsville, MD)
"Historical marker text: Until demolished in 1984, the National Hotel was located at the center of town. A previous National Hoteltavern, the Layman H......"

Advertisement for the Nopper and Greshoff Hotel and RestaurantNopper and Greshoff Hotel and Restaurant (site) (Baltimore, MD)
"The site of this hotel is now part of Lexington Market......."

Advertisement for the Hotel Junker.Envoy Hotel Best Western (Hotel Junker, Maryland Hotel) (Baltimore, MD)

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