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Historic Sites - Kansas

Here are links to some notable historc sites found along Route 40.

Lawrence MasacreLawrence Masacre (Quantrill's Raid) (Lawrence, KS)
"On August 21, 1863, 300-400 heavily armed southern sympathizers descended into Lawrence which had been a long time anti-slavery community. The raider......"

Indian Agency HouseIndian Agency House (Silver Lake, KS)
"Built ca. 1826-27 by the U.S. Army Pioneer Corps led by Major Angus L. Langham, this building is one of the oldest buildings in Kansas. Explorer John......"

IconCamp Funston Memorial (Fort Riley, KS)

IconFirst Territorial Capitol of Kansas (Fort Riley, KS)

IconCuster Home (also known as Building 24) (Junction City, KS)
"Long believed to be where George and Libby Custer lived between 1866-67, historians now believe he lived in the smaller Building 21 which burned down ......"

Dwight Eisenhower HomeDwight Eisenhower Home (Abilene, KS)
"Ike lived in this house freom 1891 to 1911. The house was moved here from its original location......."

IconWilson Opera House (site) (Wilson, KS)
"This historic building was destroyed in a fire on November 6, 2009. ......"

IconRailroad Surveyors Monument (Victoria, KS)

IconOld Fort Hays (Hays, KS)

Ellis Opera HouseOpera House (closed) (Ellis, KS)

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