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Cottages, Motor Courts and Motels

Cottages, Motor Courts and Motels - Ohio

Here are links to some notable motels, hotels and other accommodations (past and present) found along Route 40.

IconTourist Home (closed) (Bridgeport, OH)
"Now a private residence......."

IconMcGonigal Tourist Home (closed) (Bridgeport, OH)
"Built ca. 1900. Now a private residence......."

Floridian MotelFloridian Motel (site) (Saint Clairsville, OH)
"I believe this motel was razed to when exit 220 of I-70 was contructed......."

IconRelax Inn (site) (Yes Motel, Plaza Motel, National Road Tourist Camp and Cabins) (Saint Clairsville, OH)
"The tourist camp was built ca. 1935. The motel was built ca. 1947. All structures have been razed......."

Mehlman CafeteriaMehlman Cafeteria and Motel (former site) (Saint Clairville, OH)

IconLinger Longer Motel (site) (Saint Clairsville, OH)
"Built ca. 1945. The main building remains, however, the rest of the motel has been razed. Now a storage locker business......."

IconSt. Clair Motel (closed) (Saint Clairsville, OH)
"Built ca. 1946......."

IconTwin Pines Motel (closed) (Saint Clairsville, OH)
"Built ca. 1946. Now a retail center......."

IconUnknown Motel (closed) (Saint Clairsville, OH)

IconTalbott's Tourist Camp Cabins (site) (Belmont, OH)
"Built ca. 1925. There were three locations for this tourist camp......."

IconTalbott's Tourist Camp Cabins (site) (Belmont, OH)
"Built ca. 1930. There were three locations for this tourist camp......."

IconTalbott's Tourist Camp Cabins (site) (Belmont, OH)
"Built ca. 1930. There were three locations for this tourist camp......."

Locust LodgeLocust Lodge (site) (Hayes Tavern) (Middlebourne, OH)

Harding's MotelHarding's Motel (site) (Cambridge, OH)

Lodge Coffee Shop and MotelLodge Coffee Shop and Motel (site) (Cambridge, OH)
"According to John Taylor (n8fxl@clover.net), the original location of The Lodge was at the present location of the eastbound Route 40 to southbound I-......"

IconLong's Motel (closed) (Cambridge, OH)
"A great vintage sign remains in front of the house that served as the office. The motel units were in the back. Office built ca. 1900......."

IconUnknown Motel (closed) (Cambridge, OH)
"Built ca. 1940. Now abandonned......."

IconUnknown Motel (site) (Norwich, OH)
"Built ca. 1940. Razed. Now an empty lot......."

Baker's MotelBaker's Motel (Norwich, OH)

IconUnknown Motel (closed) (Zanesville, OH)
"Now a retail strip......."

IconFrontier Motel (site) (Zanesville, OH)
"Built 1944. Razed. Now an empty lot......."

Holiday InnHotel Pure Zanesville (Holiday Inn) (Zanesville, OH)

Sho Wi MotelSho Wi Motel (site) (Zanesville, OH)
"I'm pretty sure that my family stayed here in 1968. Frank......"

IconSycamore Lodge (closed) (Zanesville, OH)

National Trail Restaurent and Tourist CourtNational Trail Restaurent and Tourist Court (site) (Hebron, OH)

IconNational Road Tourist Camp (closed) (Heath, OH)
"Built ca. 1930......."

IconWelcome Inn Motel (closed) (Hebron, OH)

Pure OilPure Oil Truck Stop and Motel (closed) (Kirkersville, OH)
"Built ca. 1940......."

IconGreen Gables Motel (site) (Kirkersville, OH)

Albert Pick MotelAlbert Pick Motel (site?) (Kirkersville, OH)
"I'm not 100% sure of the location of this motel. Aerial photos reveal what looks like a former motel at this location which is 10 miles east of Colum......"

Shamrock Motel and RestaurantShamrock Motel and Restaurant (Pataskala, OH)
"Built 1934. Now long term apartments. Many people think the restaurant was an early Howard Johnson's......."

Pam MotelPam Motel (site?) (Pam Drive In, Pam Dinette) (Etna, OH)
"The postcard says, '8 miles east of Columbus.' I am matching this description with the Ohio National Road Intrinsic Inventory for this location. I c......"

IconHaft Motel (site) (Albert Pick Motel) (Etna, OH)
"The site of this motel is now a Wendy's......."

IconSuper Motor Lodge (Key 53 Motel, Key deVille Motel) (Whitehall, OH)
"The Frank Lloyd Wright-ish buildings that formerly fronted Main Street are long gone. All that remains is a nondescript box building a few hundred fe......"

IconHoliday Motel (Whitehall, OH)

IconColumbia Motel (closed) (Whitehall, OH)
"This old motel has been converted into a series of business offices. Probably one of the nicest motel conversions I've ever seen......."

IconHomestead Motel (Whitehall, OH)

IconColumbus Motor Lodge (Whitehall, OH)

IconBambi Motel (site) (Whitehall, OH)
"The deer statues out front may have looked innocent, but this motel had one of the most tarnished reputations in central Ohio. In its final years, no......"

Alamo MotelAlamo Motel (site) (Columbus, OH)
"20 units. The site of the motel is now an empty lot......."

Skyline MotelSkyline Motel (site) (Whitehall, OH)
"There is a grocery store on the east half of the property. Only the west half the buildings have been cleared. If you walk around the site (make sur......"

IconRobert E. Lee Motel (site) (Whitehall, OH)
"The site of this motel is now a video store......."

IconCoachman Motel (site) (Whitehall, OH)
"The site of this old motel is now a pizza business......."

IconDelay's Cabin Court (site) (Whitehall, OH)
"The cabins were demolished years ago. For many years the office building remained and operated as a vacuum and sewing machine business. Now it is an......"

40 Winks MotelMotel One (40 Winks Motel and Restaurant) (Columbus, OH)
"The restaurant has been gone for some time......."

IconBrookside Tour-O-Tel (Bexley, OH)

IconMid-City Motel (closed) (Bexley, OH)
"This old motel has been converted into a series of business offices. Another nice motel conversion......."

IconMa and Pa's Restaurant and Motel (Columbus, OH)
"The location of this motel is a real puzzler. The street address places the motel near downtown Columbus. This would make sense since a postcard als......"

IconInn Towne Motel (Columbus, OH)

IconManor Motel (site?) (Columbus, OH)
"2.5 miles west of Columbus......."

IconOld Trail Motel (site) (Columbus, OH)
"There is now an auto parts store at this location......."

Icon40 Motel (Columbus, OH)
"If you're a fan of Route 40 - and if you love cool neon signs - you'll need to check out this great motel on the west side of Columbus......."

IconCamp 40 Motel (site) (Columbus, OH)
"Opened in 1932. 20 units......."

Nationwide InnNationwide Inn (site) (Columbus, OH)
"250 rooms. The site of this motel is the West Broad Plaza shopping center......."

IconIdle Hour Motel (site) (Columbus, OH)
"There is now a Holiday Inn Express at this location......."

Holiday InnHometown Inn (site) (Holiday Inn) (Columbus, OH)
"In a bit of irony, there used to be a Holiday Inn Express across the street from this former Holiday Inn (the Hooliday Inn Express is now a more upsca......"

IconLincoln Lodge (site) (Columbus, OH)
"The Lincoln Plaza shopping center now stands at this site......."

IconNew Rome Motel (Columbus, OH)

El Rancho MotelEl Rancho Motel (site) (Columbus, OH)
"The site of this motel is now a mobile home dealership. Part of the motel's sign arrow remains......."

IconB&B Lodge (Galloway, OH)
"Built ca. 1940......."

IconHoward Tourist Home (closed) (West Jefferson, OH)
"Now a private residence......."

IconThe Ranch Motel and Resataurant (West Jefferson, OH)
"The restaurant appears to be closed......."

IconUnknown Motel (West Jefferson, OH)

IconUnknown Motel (site) (West Jefferson, OH)
"This old strip motel had about 6-8 units and sat vacant for many years. It was torn down ca. 2005......."

IconUnknown Motel (closed) (Lafayette, OH)

IconUnknown Tourist Camp (closed) (Brighton, OH)
"Built ca. 1930. Now a private residence......."

IconBuena Vista Motel (Hollyhock Lodge) (South Vienna, OH)
"Built in 1836 as an tavern and inn......."

IconHistoric Buena Vista Motel (Buena Vista Tavern) (South Vienna, OH)
"Built ca. 1835 by George Jones. Operated as a National Road tavern until 1868. Also an antiques dealership......."

IconHarmony Motel (Harmony, OH)

IconHarmony Motel (Springfield, OH)
"Approximately 14 units......."

IconUnknown Motel (closed) (Springfield, OH)

IconSpringfield Motel (ruins) (Springfield, OH)

IconSpringfield Motel (Springfield, OH)

IconSilver Swan Motel (site) (Springfield, OH)
"The cabins for this place were razed some time after 2000. Site is now a gas station......."

Drake MotelDrake Motel (Springfield, OH)

IconTownhouse Motor Lodge (Howard Johnson) (Springfield, OH)
"The Howard Johnson's restaurant remains, but it is closed......."

IconFairfax Inn (Springfield, OH)

IconVillager Inn (Deluxe Inn) (Springfield, OH)

Park Terrace MotelKnights Inn (Park Terrace Motel) (Springfield, OH)

Gordon's Tourist HomeGordon's Tourist Home (closed) (Springfield, OH)
"Now a private residence......."

IconTecumseh Tourist Court (closed) (Springfield, OH)
"Built before 1920. Operated as a store for a while......."

IconUnknown Motel (closed) (Springfield, OH)

IconUnknown Motel (closed) (Springfield, OH)

IconAdobe Motel Furnished Apartments (Adobe Motel) (Donnelsville, OH)
"Built ca. 1940......."

IconGarfield Grove Tourist Camp (Donnelsville, OH)
"Catalog Information: Ohio Historic Inventory/Ohio Archaeological Inventory: #CLA-1392-07 Now a private residence......."

IconGarfield Grove Cottage Camp (closed) (Donnelsville, OH)
"Built ca. 1935. Now operates as a mobile home park......."

IconUnknown Motel (site) (Phoneton, OH)
"There is now a church at this location......."

IconUnknown Motel (closed) (Tipp City, OH)

Crossroads of America MotelCrossroads of America Motel (site) (Vandalia, OH)
"This great old motel has been razed......."

Dayton Motor HotelDayton Motor Hotel (Dayton, OH)

IconValley View Motel (site) (Dayton, OH)
"The site of this motel is now a western wear retailer......."

EconoLodgeEconoLodge (Howard Johnson) (Dayton, OH)

Highway InnHighway Inn (Vandalia, OH)

Brusman AutotelBrusman Autotel (site) (Vandalia, OH)

Yendes Motel and RestaurantYendes Motel and Restaurant (site) (Vandalia, OH)
"There is now a shopping centered located where this motel formerly stood. For those who care!......"

IconAirport Inn (America's Best Value Inn) (Vandalia, OH)

IconNational Road Tourist Camp and Cabins (site) (Lewisburg, OH)
"Built ca. 1930......."

Lawnsette Tourist HomeLawnsette Tourist Home (closed) (Lewisburg, OH)
"Now a private residence......."

IconCamp National Trail Motel (site) (Lewisburg, OH)

IconGlass Front Motel (site) (Lewisburg, OH)
"Built 1938. Now an empty lot......."

IconNational Road Tourist Cabin Camp (closed) (Lewisburg, OH)
"Built ca. 1930......."

Midway CourtMidway Court (abandoned) (Lewisburg, OH)

IconUnknown Motel (site) (Lewisburg, OH)
"Built after 1945. Razed......."

IconUnknown Motel (closed) (Lewisburg, OH)
"Now operating as apartments......."

McDonald's CampMcDonald's Camp (closed) (Lewisburg, OH)
"Built in 1927. Remnants of the old tourist camp remain. There is a more modern gas station......."

Red Roof Inn (Holiday Inn Express) (Columbus, OH)

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