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Toll Houses - Maryland

Here are links to some historic tollhouses (extant and otherwise) found along Route 40.

Tollgate 1Tollgate 1 on the Baltimore-Frederick-Town Turnpike (site) (Baltimore, MD)
"This tollhouse was situated on the north side of the road in a shack that abutted the stone wall of Mount Olivet Cemetery......."

Tollgate 2Tollgate 2 on the Baltimore-Frederick-Town Turnpike (site) (Catonsville, MD)
"This tollhouse was a two-story wooden houseon the north side of the road near Oella. Today, a smaller house sits at this location - which is on a dec......"

Jug Bridge Toll HouseJug Bridge Toll House (Frederick, MD)
"Now a private residence......."

Toll HouseToll House (closed) (Frederick, MD)
"Built ca. 1810. Now a private residence. From the Maryland Historical Trust: The two-story dwelling is identified on the 1858 and 1873 maps and by ......"

Hancock Toll House, 1936Hancock Toll House (Hancock, MD)

LaVale Toll HouseLaVale Toll House (Cumberland, MD)

Long, steady grade on the eastern slope of Big Savage Mountain and original gate posts.Frostburg Toll House (site) (Frostburg, MD)

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