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Diners - Delaware

Here are links to some notable diners (past and present) found along Route 40. Click here to learn how I define the word diner. Click here for the other guidelines I use for including businesses on this site. Enjoy!

Brandywine DinerBrandywine Diner (site) (Wilmington, DE)
"Manufacturer: Mountain View #368 (1954) Has been purchased and is undergoing a major renovation. See the Diversified Diners web site for more informa......"

IconGolden Castle Diner (Wilmington, DE)

Ideal DinerIdeal Diner (closed) (Wilmington, DE)
"Manufacturer: O'Mahoney (1928) This diner was formerly located in Chester, Pennsylvania. The diner structrure was once a real estate office. It is no......"

IconGolden Dove Diner Restaurant (New Castle, DE)

IconEffe's Diner (site) (New Castle, DE)
"This site is now an auto parts retailer......."

IconEarl's Diner (relocated) (Grecian Diner, Frank's Place) (New Castle, DE)
"Manufacturer: O'Mahony (1948) Earl's was featured in a series of Farm Security Administration photographs by John Vachon in 1940. Those photos appear......"

IconCenter Dining Car (site) (New Castle, DE)

William Penn DinerWilliam Penn Diner (New Castle, DE)
"Was in business in the 1940's. The airplane is a reference to its location next to the county airport. I'm not sure whr this unusual diner was locat......"

IconDempsey's Diner (site) (Dutch Diner) (New Castle, DE)
"Manufacturer: Kullman (1950's) The site is now a gas station. Everyone's favorite Vice President and perennial cheapskate, Dan Quayle, made news at ......"

Peter Pan DinerPeter Pan Diner (site) (New Castle, DE)

IconCenter Diner (site?) (New Castle, DE)
"Located next to the New Castle Motor Lodge......."

IconBear Diner (Bear, DE)

IconHop Diner (closed?) (Wilmington, DE)

IconPark West Diner (Charley's Family Restaurant) (Bear, DE)

Korner DinerKorner Diner (Newark Diner, Jimmy's Diner, Jude's Diner) (Newark, DE)
"Manufacturer: O'Mahony (1953) It closed in 2008......."

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