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Cottages, Motor Courts and Motels

Cottages, Motor Courts and Motels - Nevada

Here are links to some notable motels, hotels and other accommodations (past and present) found along Route 40.

State Line CasinoWendover Nugget Hotel & Casino (State Line Hotel & Casino) (West Wendover, NV)

IconLone Star Motel (Wells, NV)

IconShell Crest Motel (Wells, NV)

IconBig Pillow Motel (Wells, NV)

Wagon Wheel Motel, Cafe and CasinoWagon Wheel Motel, Cafe and Casino (Wells, NV)
"The cafe, lounge and casino are gone. Only the motel remains......."

Standard MotelStandard Motel (closed) (Wells, NV)
"This old motel is boarded up......."

Jay's Service Station & CottagesBudget Inn (Jay's Service Station & Cottages) (Elko, NV)
"The gas station is gone......."

Budget InnBudget Inn (Jay's Motel) (Elko, NV)
"100 units......."

IconChef Cheng's (Denny's Restaurant) (Elko, NV)

IconElko Motel (Elko, NV)
"32 units......."

Wood MotelHoliday Motel (Wood Motel) (Elko, NV)

IconTraveler's Motel (Elko, NV)

IconEconomy Inn (Star-Lite Motel) (Elko, NV)

Ranch InnRanch Inn Motel and Casino (site) (Elko, NV)
"68 rooms. There is a bank located at this site......."

Rodeway InnRodeway Inn (El Neva Motel) (Elko, NV)

IconThunderbird Motel (Elko, NV)

Louis MotelLouis Motel (Elko, NV)

Sign for the State Inn MotelState Inn (closed) (Carlin, NV)
"Next door to the State Inn Casino......."

Silver State Saloon and MotelSilver State Saloon and Motel (closed) (Beowawe, NV)

Owl ClubOwl Club Motel and Restaurant (Battle Mountain, NV)
"This small town motel, restaurant and casino has been operating for over 100 years. The food is very inexpensive, but when I ate here in 2007, the se......"

Sign for the Golden MotelGolden Motel (closed) (Valmy, NV)

IconFrontier Motel (Winnemucca, NV)

El Tony's MotelEl Tony's Motel (site) (Winnemucca, NV)
"Started by Tony and Rose Costa in 1949......."

Acree MotelAcree Motel (site?) (Winnemucca, NV)
"28 units......."

Oasis MotelOasis Motel (Winnemucca, NV)

Sonoma InnWinners Hotel and Casino (Sonoma Inn) (Winnemucca, NV)

IconMotel Winnemucca (Winnemucca, NV)

Scott Shady CourtScott Shady Court (Winnemucca, NV)
"78 units......."

Ponderosa MotelWinnemucca Inn and Casino (Ponderosa Motel) (Winnemucca, NV)

IconHoliday Motel (Winnemucca, NV)

Sturgeon's Log Cabin MotelSturgeon's Log Cabin Motel and Cafe (Lovelock, NV)

Cadillac InnCadillac Inn (Sparky's Motel) (Lovelock, NV)

Sage MotelSage Motel (Lovelock, NV)

Sierra MotelSierra Motel (Lovelock, NV)

Sunset MotelSunset Motel (Lovelock, NV)

Two Stiffs Selling GasTwo Stiffs Selling Gas (Lovelock, NV)
"The motel appears to be long gone......."

Smith's MotelSmith's Motel (site) (Lovelock, NV)
"Now an empty lot......."

Covered Wagon MotelCovered Wagon Motel (Lovelock, NV)

Desert Haven MotelDesert Haven Motel (Lovelock, NV)

Lovelock Nugget MotelLovelock Nugget Motel (Lovelock, NV)

Felton's Motor InnBrookwood Motel and RV Park (Felton's Motor Inn) (Lovelock, NV)

IconChar Ann Motel (Sparks, NV)

IconSunrise Motel (Sparks, NV)

IconPark Motel (site) (Sparks, NV)

IconVictorian Inn (Sparks, NV)

Cremer's Auto CourtPony Express Lodge (Cremer's Auto Court, Harold's Pony Express Lodge) (Sparks, NV)
"39 units......."

IconGold Coin Motel (Reno, NV)

IconRestwell Court Motel (site) (Reno, NV)
"Now an RV storage lot......."

Everybody's Inn MotelEverybody's Inn Motel (Reno, NV)

Sandman MotelSandman Motel (Travel Lodge) (Reno, NV)

Highway 40 MotelHiway 40 Motel (Reno, NV)

IconEl Rancho Motel (site) (Reno, NV)
"Only the office remains......."

IconHi Ho Motor Lodge (Reno, NV)

Sutro MotelSutro Motel (Reno, NV)
"24 units. Still open for business! The motel now features some fine murals of miners. Named (indirectly) after mining engineer Adolph Sutro, who bu......"

IconLucky Motel (Reno, NV)

Comstock MotelComstock Motel (site) (Reno, NV)
"25 units. The site of this motel is now the location of a Quality Inn......."

IconNevada Inn (Reno, NV)
"40 units......."

IconCaravan Motel (site) (Reno, NV)
"Is now an empty lot......."

Holiday InnHoliday Inn South (site) (Reno, NV)

IconShamrock Inn (Reno, NV)

Chalet MotelChalet Motel (Reno, NV)

IconThunderbird Motel (Reno, NV)

IconCelebrity Motel (Red Carpet Motor Lodge) (Reno, NV)

IconHeart O' Town Motel (Reno, NV)

IconOlympic Motel (Reno, NV)

IconColonial Motor Inn (Reno, NV)

Keno MotelKeno Motel (Reno, NV)

IconIn Town Motel (Reno, NV)

Star Duist MotelStar Dust Motel (site) (Reno, NV)
"The site of this motel is now the location of the Belvedere Towers......."

IconTown House Motor Lodge (Reno, NV)

Motel B GayCastaway Inn (Motel B Gay) (Reno, NV)

IconRancho Sierra Motel (Reno, NV)

IconCrest Inn (Tropics Inn) (Reno, NV)
"Only the restaurant remains......."

El Tavern MotelEl Tavern Motel (Reno, NV)

Sunset MotelSunset Motel (Reno, NV)

IconTombstone Territory (LaRue's Lodge) (Reno, NV)
"One reader repots that LaRue's was run by a old, thin, wiry woman who had a raspy voice and two large dogs - a 'sweet buy ornery' woman......."

IconSilver Spur Motel (closed?) (Reno, NV)

Reno MotelWildflower Village (Reno Motel) (Reno, NV)
"19 units. This motel has been converted into an artists center. They still rent out rooms as a bed and breakfast......."

Highway 40 MotelOld Forty Motel (site?) (Highway 40 Motel) (Reno, NV)

IconSilver State Lodge (site) (Reno, NV)
"Now an empty lot. Only the sign remains......."

IconSiesta Motel (Reno, NV)

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