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Native American

Nemacolin's Trail

Formerly/Also Known As Nemacolin's Path

Nemacolin's Trail developed from a Native American trail across the southern Allegheny Mountains in Maryland and Pennsylvania. It was named after Nemacolin, a Delaware Nation chief who worked with Thomas Cresap in developing the route. Later the route was improved by George Washington, Edward Braddock and the engineers of the National Road.

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Posted by: Swordmaster1770 on Friday, November 30, 2012 at 11:32:31 PM

It is worth noting that Cresap's apparent motivation was diverting trade from Pennsylvania (George Croghan's sphere) to Maryland (Cresap's sphere). They were both King's Agents to the Indians, Croghan for Pa and Cresap for Md. Cresap was acting in his own interest and in those of the Maryland government. The Maryland route used river valleys and did not necesitate crossing multiple mountain ranges as the Pa route did; much easier, once the route had been laid out.

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