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Roadside Attraction

Enchanted Forest (site)

10010 Baltimore National Pike
Ellicott City, MD

Ah, this was the roadside attraction of my childhood. So cheesy, so much fun. Full of costumed storybook characters.

Enchanted Forest opened on August 15, 1955. It encompassed 52 acres and had rides, a tug boat and picnic and party areas.

In 1988 the park was sold and a year later it closed. Part of the land was turned into a shopping center and in 1992 the remnants of the park reopened. Three years later the park closed for good. Most of the park's surviving structures have been relocated to Clark's Elioak Farm in nearby Columbia.

Scenes from the John Waters movie Cry Baby were filmed at the Enchanted Forest.

Here are some personal stories about the Enchanted Forest. First, on April 15, 1974, I got into my first automobile accident at the entrance of the park. With a car full of friends, I made a left turn into the path of an oncoming car. No one was hurt but the impact sent my 1970 Duster across the roadway and I knocked out a Keep Left sign. Second, I once went on a date with someone who played Cinderella at the Enchanted Forest.

<a href="page.asp?n=10213">Enchanted Forest</a>
Enchanted Forest from RoadsideArchitecture.com.

<a href="page.asp?n=10213">Enchanted Forest</a>
Enchanted Forest from RoadsideArchitecture.com.

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