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Mount Vernon House (site)

Formerly/Also Known As Dunlap's Tavern

National Road
Laboratory, PA 15301

From Searight's The Old Pike (1894):

About one and a half miles west of the Upland House, Major James Dunlap, at a very early period of the road’s history, kept a tavern on the south side, on an elevation and a little distance back from the roadside. It was called the “Mt. Vernon House,” and was doing business as early as the year 1816, two years before the road was completed as far west as Washington. Major Dunlap was a prominent man of his day, and brigade inspector of the Washington county (Pennsylvania) militia, an office of no little consequence in the early history of Pennsylvania. Major Dunlap subsequently kept the Jackson House in Washington, Pennsylvania. Before reaching the Mt. Vernon House, an old round toll house is passed, where William Hill collected tolls for many years from the throngs of travelers on the road. The old Mt. Vernon House was supplanted by a new one, under the direction of Charles Rettig, who became the owner of the property. The new house is a brick structure, and was a wagon stand. There was an abundant water supply at this house, and old stage drivers and wagoners halted upon reaching it to refresh their teams. Charles Rettig died about the year 1860. He was a staunch and sturdy citizen, and possessed the confidence and enjoyed the respect of all his neighbors.

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